Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wealthy White Male Doesn't recreate movies using sheep; Does not meet Russell Crowe

Then Popo and I went to New Zealand, for no particular reason. The people there spoke ENGLISH, with a few native people speaking MAORI. Approximately 4.471 humans is the POPULATION. People in New Zealand pay for things with NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS. The CAPITAL of New Zealand is Wellington. We went to the Hotel Ibis in Wellington and it cost $83 NZD per night. The continental breakfast was pretty good.Related image

On the first day, we woke up and ate food. The food we ate was Kumara, a traditional Maori sweet potato dish. Mmmm… Tasty! Then we visited some Lord of The Rings filming sites because that’s what tourists are supposed to do. Boy howdy was that a cool experience. It took an hour and ten minutes to fly to the place they have Hobbiton built. It’s just near a city called Hamilton. It’s really cool.

Did you know that New Zealand has more sheep than people? Wowzers, that’s a whole lot of wool! Initially, my dream was to recreate the Lord of the Rings trilogy substituting sheep for all the characters but Popo said my dreams were stupid. Apparently it is unrealistic to gather 20000 sheep and spend millions of dollars on three blockbusters. Also, I wanted to catch up with my good friend Russell Crowe, but Popo didnt like that idea either. Gosh darn!

More tourist stuff then! The Maori people love to dance. Hey, I like to dance as well! We went to Tamaki Maori Village, a tourist trap attraction outside of Rotorua city. They offer traditional musical dance shows, arts and crafts lessons, and food! Wowzie Wow Wow, that’s an exciting lineup! Popo and I together spent $240 NZD on one evening experience. Amazingingly expensive!Image result for maori village

I might not have done anything unique or different on my trip to New Zealand, but Bang Howdy was I ever a boring American tourist!

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