Monday, October 31, 2016

Wealthy White Male Helps Popo Get Lucky

Due to complicated metaphors included within this post, some phrases have been put into ‘ ‘s Image result for tokyo at night
Next we traveled to my favorite city on earth, Tokyo. Tokyo is the ‘weird, fat uncle who pirates movies for you’ of major cities. It’s big, colorful, and the closer you look the more you realize what an unhinged place it is. I am the epitome of the salaryman, and Tokyo is famous for bringing the ‘12 year old who just discovered sex’ out of average salarymen. On the first day, Popo and I visited an underground energy drink factory underneath block 51 and paid 5000 yen (about $45) for the experimental drug called Five-Day Energy. It is similar to Five-Hour Energy in all but one way, and that the strength is 24 times stronger. We took the pills, the “doctors” put us into the “hossa-shitsu” or seizure chamber, and once we stabilized, we were free to go.

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We spent our days in the Onsen parks, (hot springs) bathing in complete serenity, onlookers fascinated by Popo and I’s conversations in french. Most parks cost 3000 yen per day. We would drink cocktails out of cubic watermelons, and a bowl of dried baby crabs by the pool. We spent twelve hours a day at the Onsen pools but the real fun came when the sun went down.

On the first night, I showed Popo the art form of Manga, a beautiful and mind boggling craft. I’m not a big fan of octoporn, but the culture surrounding manga in Tokyo enjoys it. The best way to experience a good manga is to be alone in a dimly lit room with a headlamp and a clear mind. Manga transports you, and Popo agreed after I showed him the magic of Oishinbo, a cooking manga. Popo is a bit of a “kuishinbo” (he loves food) so this manga was perfect. Oishinbo.jpg

The second night, with Popo being a young, handsome single man, we went clubbing. I was the classic billionaire wingman. We went to Genius, a classy, fancier night club, and Popo got no love, I tried to be a as close to him as possible so the ladies would smell my cologne and think it was his. We struck out. This repeated at 3 more clubs, until at one night club, I went to the bathroom, only to come out to find that Popo was doing better without my masculine aroma. This was hard for me to take, Popo and his lady friend got a hotel room and Popo smiled the entirety of the following day.

The third and fourth nights are exceedingly blurry in my memory, but I do know Popo got lucky both nights. I also know that I got a gut full of piss (Aussie slang for sick drunk). We had a good time overall, Popo had a blast with his cooking mangas, and his ladies.


  1. Great job! You had a lot of great details. Just add some more visuals.:)

  2. You did a great job! I thought you did really well on your narrative. You gave a lot of good information, it sounds like you're really there. I think you could work on transitions from paragraph to paragraph. But, other than that it was great!

  3. You did really well setting the narrative, you really know how to tell a good story. I dont see anything you can improve on so keep up the great work! Interesting enough Tom Cruise and I were going to go to Genius, I guess we have to go somewhere else now :(

  4. The narration was created in a way that was believable, but it still lacks some sort of details, specific incidences,to be exact. The grammar was adequate, and understandable. Therefore, that's a plus! A way to improve the the post is to have an addition of surplus images during the trip. In conclusion, the blog was good, but some details and images would've assisted the post to be sophisticated. Thank you for reading this comment.