Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wealthy White Male adopts a boy he found in a Burmese Garbage pile

Image result for myanmar povertyFollowing Popo’s brilliant experiences in Tokyo, he felt the need to do something nice for others. We travelled to Myanmar to help build houses for impoverished communities along the Yangon River. To gain full access to resources in the area, we used Myanmar’s corruption against them. We gave them money which they “promised to give to the poor”. We knew they wouldn’t, but we needed access in order to give money and food directly. I busted out my australian work boots, my long white socks and my visor. I was ready to pretend to be a good person. We were working just outside a village our second day when a young boy named Phyu approached us and and gave us some bread. Such a little cho, that boy. He looked to be around 8, I gave him 641 million Myanmar Kyat, or a half a million dollars. I later found out that that boy opened a classy restaurant in the city which employed only those from his village. Phyu revitalised a whole community with my help. I felt only pride at my accomplishment. We continued along that river, bringing a caravan of bread and pulled pork. Burmese people love pulled pork, especially the ones who haven’t a real meal in days. Seeing the adoration of the peasants in Myanmar gave Popo a real sense of fulfillment. The picture here is of a boy named Dingbang, which means “protect the country”. He is an orphan. On our final day, a family invited us for a traditional Burmese meal. It consisted of a bowl of soup, flavorful rice, and several meat curries, along with various vegetables and dips. While we enjoyed this delightful meal, Dingbang, the boy from before, snuck into our plane with the rest of the pulled pork caravan. That evening, when I found the crying boy, I was greatly troubled. I have never been very in touch with my emotions. I am unfit to raise a child. Fortunately, Dingbang was 13, and when you turn 13, you’re a young man. I think I can handle a young man. Dingbang had 15 kyat in his pocket, no shirt, no shoes, a few warts on his feet, but he was a handsome lad. He will fit nicely with Popo and I. His favorite food is Palata, a Burmese flatbread which is quite good. His favorite color is green, and he speaks Burmese, a Mandarin dialect which I speak, and limited English. Dingbang Choru Henderson, heir to the throne of Henderson Enterprises.Image result for burmese language

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