Monday, November 21, 2016

Wealthy White Male can't afford to give Burmese child a proper education

Image result for stuttgart waldorf schoolImage result for german currywurst school grossThen we traveled to the land of order and discipline: Germany. Popo spent a couple weeks with his family in Togo.     Dingbang has been getting pretty sassy lately. My extravagant, luxurious parenting style has gone to his head. My childhood was similar as I was the son of the wealthiest Jew in the world. Scott Sr. sent me to a Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany. This is where I learned most of my languages. At age 6, I spoke only english and hebrew, but I quickly learned French, Mandarin, Spanish and most importantly, German. German is my second favorite language because to truly be fluent, one must hold a state of constant anger. Waldorf schools now spread across the world, 881 worldwide, but my little brick prison was the very first. Founded in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner, it was made to be the first school to implement social justice in education. According to Boarding School Finder, a service of Internet Course Finders, “The anthroposophical approach guarantees that every child will get support depending on their individual development and maturity status.” I am not sure what Waldorf school they speak of, but in the 70s, Waldorf in Stuttgart was a cold, dark, godless place. We had electricity in our rooms, but we often lost the privilege of running water. Everyday for 8 years we ate Pork knuckles and currywurst. Pork knuckles are literally the joints of pigs, and currywurst is random old sausages covered in disgusting sauces. I took Dingbang to this place so that he may suffer, because I love him. When we arrived in Stuttgart, I was greatly disappointed. As a young, female teacher walked Dingbang and I around the facility, I was given a pamphlet. I read the pamphlet to find the horrifying reality of this place. I quote, “The curriculum is integrated, inter-disciplinary and artistic. Thus imagination and creativity which are most important for the individual as well as for society are awakened and developed.” end quote. Where is the justice? Where is the order? Where are the pork knuckles? I suppose a lot has changed in the waldorf world since last I attended in 1970something. Not to mention that for my income level the price of admission was astronomical, 60000 euros per semester (64000 USD approx). We met back up with Popo empty handed, we had gained no education.Image result for imagination spongebobImage result for german stuff

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