Friday, December 2, 2016

Wealthy White Male Ends His Trek Across the Globe

Image result for sunblood peakWe landed in Yellowknife, the largest town in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and immediately the view is spectacular. While none of us consider ourselves “outdoorsy” we could all agree that seeing the northern lights from the top of a mountain like in brother bear is something we have to do. We decided Nahanni National Park was the best option to accomplish this goal. We prepared for a day, being trained by a college student named Ricky, volunteering as a park ranger in his time off of school, apparently this is a popular thing.We packed our backpacks and began our hike up Sunblood Peak, It began difficult, but we found a groove at mile 7 or 8. We reached the top at about sundown, pitched our tents and waited for the aurora to light up our world. When it did i felt goosebumps all over my body. Dingbang and Jonas loved it. We were all dog tired, but this made it all worth it. We went to sleep, woke up and spent the morning together on Sunblood Peak, and then made our way back to the base camp. Ricky greeted us and gave us hot chocolates to sip on. He was very hospitable to us and I sauced a Sir Robert L. Borden (100 canadian dollar bill, that’s 75 USD) his way. He seemed astonished and grateful.Image result for sunblood peak

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We decided to slow things down and head to Vancouver, hundreds of miles away. We are a bunch of film lovers, and there is no better place for a film buff to visit besides perhaps hollywood. The city feels very clean, modern, sleek, and it fits with most any movie you can think of. We saw 3 film crews scouting potential filming locations just walking from our hotel in downtown to a little new york bagel place just a few blocks away. That afternoon, we took a scenic boat tour of downtown ShipFaced Vancouver Boat Tours treated us well, and Sir Robert was sauced their way. Pacific Spirit Regional park was a bit of a gem. Tucked at the end of the peninsula of Vancouver, we got some pizza for 50 CD and had a pizza picnic in the park. Popo and I met some divorced soccer moms and hit it off, I hadn’t realized that I have lost 45 pounds on this journey! I’m a very handsome man. We actually spent a few weeks here with them, Margaret and Rebekah, and the kids really hit it off. I think it’s time to stop the journey, sell the company, and spend time with my new family.

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