Friday, December 2, 2016

Wealthy White Male Learns New Things In Cuba

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We stopped for a few days in Cuba which was different. I had never been to Cuba and I only understood the economics of the country. But behind the politics, the embargoes, the relations, lie a people of rich culture, fascinating stories, delicious food, and good deeds. We landed in Havana, a city many say is “trapped in the 50s”, however, I found the colorful old cars to be so unique and cool that I cannot agree. Just like every other place on this earth, Havana is a living, breathing society, incomparable to any other city.Image result for havana

Image result for havanaHavanas vibrant colors are one example of how this society, somewhat independently developing for years, has become more fun than ours, and has found the essence of what it means to be alive. The people I met oozed contentment, self-reliance, and a good attitude. Based on my own personal definition of “Art”, the city of Havana is a masterpiece. Popo bought us some plantains to snack on, just 1 Cuban Convertible Peso, or 1 Dollar. I’m not 100% on board with plantains, but when in Rome. Our time here was eye-opening, Dingbang made a little friend named Ozzie. Their Spanish is a bit different in some ways, but I understood the pleasant strangers I interacted with.

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