Friday, December 2, 2016

Wealthy White Male's New Son Cries for Joy in Jamaica

Image result for jamaicaImage result for jamaica treasure beachJamaica is so beautiful. Crystal beaches, colorful flora, and a great place to snorkel. We sailed into a port town in St.Elizabeth called Cutlass Point, just by Treasure Beach. One of my favorite things is that lots of the places names appear to be taken directly from bad pirate movies. We took a taxi ride up through Treasure beach for 500 Jamaican Dollars, past Mountainside and visited the Black River. The city of the same name is a center of environmental tourism, and it is deserving of this role. The four of us took a ride on the “Black River Safari”. That was fun, but the real fun came when we took a short flight to Kingston, a bustling city on the East side of Jamaica. It’s a wonderful city, but take just a short walk from anywhere in the city, and you’ll find a blue lagoon, a lush jungle, or a very appealing tourist attraction. We spent an afternoon at Dunn’s River Falls. It is so unlike anything I’d ever seen. So mesmerising. Everywhere you go there’s something beautiful to explore. We learned a great deal about Bob Marley just from walking around town talking to people. His face is everywhere. We had a great time and Jonas cried on a few occasion at how happy he was.Image result for jamaica black river

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